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Laguna Seascape

Seascape painted in Laguna Beach at Sunset!

Continue Reading... Shaw’s Cove Seascape
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Shaw’s Cove Seascape

Tea Cup handpainted by Lissi Kaplan. Shaw’s Cove Seascape , calm waters over rocks. Old fashioned frame, plein air style.

Continue Reading... The Beachcomber
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The Beachcomber

The Beachcomber, whimsical at the beach

Continue Reading... Life Guard Tower #28
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Life Guard Tower #28

Life Guard Tower #28, painted at the beach.

Still life in a box
Continue Reading... Still Life in the Kitchen
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Still Life in the Kitchen

Still Life in the Kitchen, painted in class by Marc Whitney, objects in a box for shadows, great fun

Continue Reading... The Stripe Blouse
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The Stripe Blouse

The Stripe Blouse, a tribute to Edouard Vuillard, the wonderful French painter. 30″ X 30′

Continue Reading... Cow and purple chicken taking a walk
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Cow and purple chicken taking a walk

Cow taking a walk with purple chicken on it’s back. 5″ X 5″ oil on board, Animals are fun to…

Continue Reading... Crystal Cove with Red Agave
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Crystal Cove with Red Agave

                                                                          Crystal Cove with red agave plant in Laguna Beach    6′ X 8′ oil on board

Continue Reading... The Dining Room
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The Dining Room

This Dining Room has 25 paintings in one, it was great fun to paint, not sure I could do it…

Continue Reading... Two Giraff’s taking a walk!
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Two Giraff’s taking a walk!

These two Giraff’s are asking  ‘Ou Vout Elles”  where are we going? oil 6 X6’ on boaard